SMEC Streamlines Asset Alarms for Snowy Hydro

13 October 2017

SMEC has recently completed a review and rationalisation of all asset alarms across the entire Snowy Mountains Scheme network for Snowy Hydro Limited (Snowy Hydro).

Located in regional New South Wales, Australia, the Snowy Mountains Scheme assets consists of nine power stations; a pumping station; 16 major dams with a total storage capacity of 7,000 GL; 145 km of inter-connected tunnels and pipelines and 80 km of aqueducts; and 33 hydro-electric turbines with a generating capacity of 4,100 MW.

SMECís Asset Management team began work on the alarm rationalisation program in 2016, which required over 35,000 individual alarm points to be analysed. This resulted in a significant reduction to some 3,500 alarm response templates that enables Snowy Hydro to quickly and accurately implement and update alarm points across its entire generation network. Removing the uncertainty of how to respond to alarm events has considerably reduced the businessís risk exposure through performance improvements in safety, cost and electricity generation.

SMEC and Snowy Hydro have a long and proud history having worked together to develop the iconic 4,100 megawatt Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme under the auspices Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority, established in 1949.




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