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27 October 2017

Engineering New Zealand Chief Executive Susan Freeman-Greene says the engineering professional body’s new name explains much more clearly “who we are and what we stand for”.

“It’s our job to bring engineering to life and deliver greater credibility, influence, recognition and connection for our members. This means transforming preconceptions about who engineers are and what they do.”

Engineering New Zealand has also launched a new Membership Pathway, which creates a professional home for engineers from all disciplines at all stages of their careers.

While Engineering New Zealand currently has a record 20,000 members, Ms Freeman-Greene says it wants to attract even more engineers so it can better speak out for the profession.

“We want to encourage senior managers, academics, engineering geologists, technicians and technologists to join, as well as engineering professionals from the rapidly growing fields like mechatronics and software.

With the new name comes a new logo: a stylised butterfly.

Ms Freeman-Greene says the butterfly is a powerful example of innovation, change and brilliance.

“It also represents transformation, which is the heart of what engineers do to make a positive difference to people’s lives. A butterfly is the perfect symbol for an organisation representing the profession at the heart of every major transformation in human history.

The butterfly also suggests biomimicry – that uncanny ability to engineer something that reflects the best of nature.

“As well as designing buildings and infrastructure, today’s engineers are creating screens from nanoparticles, launching rockets and mimicking nature to kill predators.”

Read more about the new Membership Pathway for engineers at www.engineeringnz.org




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