Innovation sets a precedent for future infrastructure


31 October 2017

Cardno, as part of the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance in South East Queensland, is pleased to be part of the development of a water chlorination facility powered entirely off-grid, in what is believed to be an Australian first.

Logan City Council's water reservoir at Round Mountain sets a precedent for the roll out of future infrastructure by harnessing solar power, battery storage and water treatment technologies to provide a safe, reliable water supply for residents in one of Australia’s fastest growing areas.

Sized to service a large, developing area in south west Logan, the 20ML reservoir is expected to be fully developed in the next 15 to 20 years. Until the population grows, water is retained in reservoirs, pump stations and pipelines for extended periods, with potentially adverse effects on quality.

Testing of chlorine levels in the system confirmed the need for a dedicated water chlorination facility, but the challenge was to deliver a solution in a relatively remote location with no sealed access road, and no connection to mains power for the foreseeable future.

After several technologies for the site were investigated, the solution was to turn to a solar powered electro-chlorination facility - a salt water chlorinator with 323 panels on the roof of the reservoir, with power generated from the sun stored in a 95kWh capacity Tesla battery power pack. The setup, a self-contained ‘micro power grid’, will provide savings in capital and operational costs in comparison to installing main grid-connected poles and wires. Moreover, salt for the chlorinator can be delivered in a standard 4WD vehicle in all weather conditions with no need to upgrade the unsealed sections of connecting roads to allow all-weather access for chemical tankers.

The renewable benefits of solar energy will translate to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced sustainability of the asset, and reduced capital and operational costs over the expected lifespan of the facility. The low maintenance asset is also safe for Logan City Council staff to operate.

As part of Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance, Cardno staff were involved in scoping, analytics and engineering design activities including simulations, modelling, sizing and selection of the 323-panel solar array and storage battery, and managed the tender, scoping documentation and commissioning process.




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