Flexibility in the construction industry


08 September 2017

To attract and retain the best people you need to be flexible. Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Keri Le Page, looks at flexibility in the construction industry.

The results of our recent business-wide survey confirmed that 91% of John Holland respondents agreed or strongly agreed that ‘the ability to work flexibly is an important part of job satisfaction for me’. 

At John Holland, we want to attract and retain the best people. We know that flexibility is not just a key driver in deciding where we want to work, it contributes to the overall performance of women and men of all ages.

These are just some of the reasons why we’re working with our leaders and employees to create a working environment that enables everyone to be their best.

Flexibility is about supporting employees, regardless of their life situation, to work in the most productive way possible. It is about helping people to manage work, personal commitments and priorities while meeting organisational needs and goals.

Flexible working can be any number of different things and is not necessarily about working less – it’s about having a choice in how you integrate your work and home life. 

Supporting flexibility

To promote and support working flexibly on project sites, we created a video profiling some of our employees showing what’s possible, and encouraging conversations between managers and individuals about what could work for them.

Because flexibility comes in all shapes and sizes and often isn’t formally recorded, the results of our recent flexibility survey tell us how our people currently work; what they would like more of; and if there are any perceived barriers to flexibility in our business. 

We also designed resources to help facilitate conversations about flexible working options, which includes strategies for employees and managers around how to make flexible working arrangements a success for everyone.

Making flexibility work for you

So, what can you do to make flexibility work in your team? Start by thinking about outcomes rather than hours spent at work. Actively challenge perceptions and mindsets about working in the construction industry and you’ll be on track to improving the wellbeing and performance of individuals, teams and our business.




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