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26 September 2017

Over the period leading to 2032, the world will require about $90 trillion in new infrastructure – most of it in developing and middle-income countries. Making the right choices in favour of infrastructure that is climate resilient and locks in a low carbon development pathway is critical and urgent (World Bank 2017). To help meet this challenge, and ensure infrastructure is designed, constructed and operated to optimise environmental, social, economic and governance outcomes over the long term ISCA have developed a rating tool that can be applied internationally. This development is built upon the credible, respected and well adopted foundation of the IS rating tool (v1.2), currently deployed as a third-party assured reporting framework across Australia and New Zealand.

The IS International rating tool has been developed for application in both Developing and Developed Countries. Moreover, it provides clarity on alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to provide the nexus between ‘infrastructure sustainability and ‘sustainable infrastructure’ and can be utilised by sovereigns, donors, multi-laterals, institutional investors, funding agencies and project delivery partners to measure, and achieve, long term improved asset performance across the quadruple bottom line. The scheme comprises has flexible tools and processes, enabling use for all asset types.

IS International Rating Tool V1.0 Design and As Built

The IS International rating tool V1.0 (Design and As Built) will be officially released for piloting from the 19th September 2017. The pilot process ensures that:

Market leaders registering for a pilot project with ISCA is a signal to the industry that the project teams/asset owners are serious about sustainability and are determined to push the boundaries and setting new standards for infrastructure development moving forward.




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