Chief Health Officer reports on water at Perth Children's Hospital

18 August 2017

WA Government: The State Government today accepted the findings in the report from Western Australia's Chief Health Officer (CHO) on Perth's Children's Hospital Potable Water.
The report was the culmination of a month-long review by the CHO, to review water treatment strategies at the hospital, and to provide suitable recommendations to remediate the ongoing lead issue.
The review consisted of analysis of prior reports, new data analysis, interviews with key stakeholders, and a series of specially designated and targeted experiments.
The CHO has concluded that the source of the lead in the water is the dezincification of brass fittings.
Many of these brass fittings are located within Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Assembly Boxes, located near drinking water outlets in the hospital.
The CHO's key recommendation is to remove and replace the TMV Assembly Boxes.
The continuation of current flushing and phosphate treatment programs is also recommended.  The CHO found phosphate treatment has had some effectiveness to date, improving compliance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines from 74 per cent to 82 per cent. 
The State Government has commenced developing a plan for removal of the TMV Assembly Boxes.




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