Northern Tasmanian Councils Shared Services Study

11 August 2017

Tasmanian Government: The Government is working with councils across the State on how to deliver the best possible local government services at the lowest possible cost to ratepayers.

Today the Government and the eight Northern Councils are jointly releasing the Northern Tasmanian Councils Shared Services Study, which covers the West Tamar, George Town, Dorset, Break O’Day, Northern Midlands, Flinders Island, Launceston and Meander Valley Councils.

These eight councils represent around a third of all Tasmanians and covers nearly a third of the State. The Study found that there were a range of options that could be pursued and could generate over $3 million in savings annually that could be invested into other services or used to keep downward pressure on rates.

For resource sharing to work, it must be driven by local communities and by the councils themselves. There are too many examples of council reform imposed from on high by other State Governments in Australia that have failed. We have been clear that we will not be forcing amalgamations or resource sharing.

It is now up to the local councils concerned to consider this report in detail and consult widely with their communities.




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