TasWater takeover to tackle trade waste issues

30 August 2017

TasWaterís single-minded trade waste policy is having a devastating impact on hundreds of businesses around the State.  In fact, Iíve been told it has actually contributed to businesses shutting down. Itís absolutely ridiculous and it needs to be stopped now before it destroys more Tasmanian businesses.

The fact that TasWaterís infrastructure isnít up to scratch is not the fault of Tasmanian businesses, itís the fault of the council owners.

Out of TasWaterís 79 waste water treatment plants, only one is up to scratch.

TasWater in some cases is trying to force businesses to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a trade waste fix and is being completely inflexible about what options are available to businesses.

Instead of looking at simple, cost-effective solutions, TasWater is, in many cases, trying to force businesses to install incredibly expensive options without being prepared to look at other alternatives.

This will force up the cost of living, if businesses have no other choice but to pass costs on to the public.

The Hodgman Government is committed to supporting businesses.  If the Government takes over TasWater, we will immediately put a stop to the trade waste madness, sit down with businesses, industry representatives and the EPA and find practical, affordable solutions to the issues.  In addition to that, we will also bring forward infrastructure upgrades for our waste water treatment plants.

I am calling on TasWater to put a halt on this program as it relates to small and medium-sized businesses and review their policy immediately while the Parliament considers the Governmentís plan to take over TasWater.

Further, Iíd encourage any business that has received a notice from TasWater to get on to their local member of State Parliament, especially their Legislative Council representative and tell them itís not good enough, and to consider making a submission to the Legislative Councilís inquiry into TasWater.

It's time for businesses to stand up and say that theyíre not going to put up with TasWaterís trade waste debacle anymore.




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