Envirocon product stewardship scheme making concrete progress

26 July 2017

NZ Government: Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson has visited Interbloc NZ and Envirocon to see first-hand how their cutting-edge facility turns leftover concrete into a primary resource.

“The Envirocon product stewardship scheme provides a standard, sustainable and credible waste management solution to the ready-mix concrete and construction industries,” Mr Simpson says.

Leftover wet concrete is delivered to the Envirocon facility in Auckland, where it is upcycled by Interbloc NZ into stackable concrete blocks. A unique collection system stops the waste concrete from setting so it can be used to manufacture the blocks, instead of being dumped at landfill. The Interbloc modular wall system provides the flexibility of bricks with the speed and durability of precast construction.

“Members of the industry-based voluntary scheme improve the organisation’s environmental performance by diverting waste concrete in its wet form, which significantly reduces the resources required to process the waste stream.”

“Envirocon aims to increase its diversion rates to 80,000 tonnes of concrete by 2022 as more construction businesses become aware of the environmental opportunities offered by the Envirocon product stewardship scheme.”

Envirocon is now investigating in-yard collection facilities so delivery trucks can recycle wet waste concrete faster and more easily.

“Huge progress has been made by members of this voluntary product stewardship scheme. It's a great example of forward thinking businesses being innovative and using a waste stream as a resource.

“The Government is keen for businesses and communities to step up and take responsibility for the waste they produce and I congratulate the Envirocon scheme members for making a positive difference. I encourage other organisations and industries to review their manufacturing processes so they too can receive the environmental and economic benefits of product stewardship.”




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