Capping Day at Russley Rd


21 July 2017

The final piece at the apex of Christchurch’s architecturally designed ‘gateway arches’ was put in place yesterday morning with the help of a 180 tonne crane.

The top piece (or arch cap) weighs in at 13.5 tonnes and connects the gateway arches, which now stand 27 metres above Memorial Avenue.

“The structure is set to become a powerful symbol for Christchurch,” said Transport Minister Simon Bridges in a press statement today. “It will leave a lasting impression on locals and travellers alike and it is exciting to see it in place.

“What is even more exciting is just how close the Russley Road Upgrade is to completion. This milestone will allow the project to complete the remainder of the interchange below the structure. By mid-August traffic will be able to travel under the new interchange and by early 2018 the whole project will be complete – months ahead of schedule.”

The arches and a major interchange are being constructed by a McConnell Dowell - Downer Joint Venture at the intersection of Russley Road and Memorial Avenue, near Christchurch Airport.

Watch a short video of the arch cap being lowered into place,




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