Class A recycling act for Tassie construction projects


21 July 2017

On Monday, 22 May 2017 Hobart Airport was given the green light to use recycled water for flood compaction. This is the first time recycled water has been used on any Tasmanian construction project, which is an excellent environmental milestone for the region.

Works on the REX project, Hobart Airport southern runway extension, runs alongside the coastline. The underlying soils consist mainly of beach like sand, that creates difficulties when compacting to the required standards, and a significant volume of water is required to drench this soil before its compressed by the rollers.  

Fulton Hogan has teamed up with the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant, operated by TasWater, who treats waste water to produce Class A recycled water.

Having access to recycled water on the site saves using valuable clean drinking water, as well as saving the recycled water being pumped into the bay via Sinclair Creek. In the first three days of use, 1.23ML (1,230 KL or 1,230,000L) of recycled water was used for flood compaction.  

This is a fantastic environmental benefit and congratulations to everyone involved for this successful outcome.​​




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