Northrop appoints Jamie Shelton as CEO


08 June 2017

Northrop Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce the appointment of Jamie Shelton, previously the Sydney Regional Manager, as its new CEO, effective April, 2017. 

With 340 employees and an annual turnover of $50 million, Northrop is one of Australia’s leading consulting engineering firms.

Shelton has been with the company for 28 of its 40 years and is well qualified to take the reins having managed the Sydney office since 2001.  In the past 10 years Jamie has also contributed to the industry at large as Consult Australia President and Chair of the National Engineering Registration Board.

Shelton is the first engineer to lead Northrop, bringing a deep appreciation of client service to the role. “Our clients underpin our success. Long-term partnerships have supported our growth from the beginning”, he explains. It’s a philosophy that has taken Northrop from its humble beginnings in 1976 as a small Canberra structural engineering business to a multi-disciplinary consultancy with eight offices on Australia’s Eastern Seaboard.  “The fundamentals haven't changed. We have a rich culture of client-side thinking with the engineers who own the business leading our projects”, Shelton says.

Shelton sees the recipe for Northrop’s success underpinned by three key strategic pillars: providing opportunities for Northrop’s people to succeed, capitalising on growth opportunities in major cities and strengthening their strong regional presence.

Jamie has a particular passion for the realisation of potential – in Northrop’s people and in the projects Northrop delivers for its clients.  This focus is underpinned strong client relationships and has seen the business grow by 60% in the last 5 years and the establishment of new offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Parramatta.

Nurturing people to their full potential is a priority at employee-owned Northrop. “We work hard to attract and retain high performers. They’re encouraged to grow and connect with clients building fulfilling careers while delivering client and project value”, says Shelton. “This culture has encouraged innovative leadership and enabled ownership to pass from one generation to another.”

As Northrop progresses towards 50 years in the industry, Shelton believes it will stand apart as a mid-sized engineering consultancy, servicing clients in the built environment across Australasia, providing superior, pragmatic engineering solutions.




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