Liability Crisis Undermines NSW Infrastructure Investment

23 June 2017

Consult Australia: Given the once in a generation spend on infrastructure many of the projects are at risk of being delayed or not delivered due to the loophole that this Budget has failed to address.

State Manager for industry association Consult Australia, Matthew Trigg, says the NSW Government has so far failed to act despite repeated warnings for over a decade.

“Spending billions on infrastructure projects while failing to provide sensible risk management presents a clear systemic risk to the New South Wales economy.”

“Taxpayer dollars could be essentially worthless if the businesses delivering them are forced to close because they cannot get or afford insurance, or because they are sued into bankruptcy.”

“With insurance costs increased up to 25% and no guarantee of availability, the burden being placed on business by not having proportionate liability as standard is simply unsustainable.”

“A domino effect could see a rapid economic collapse and significant costs and delays to Government services and infrastructure.”

Consult Australia continues to call on the NSW Government to immediately prohibit the contracting out of proportionate liability in all new government contacts and to amend the Civil Liability Act 2002 to align with Queensland where the practice is prohibited




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