Trimble's New Total Station Provides Millimeter Accuracy for Monitoring Applications

21 April 2017

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the release of a new monitoring device, the Trimble® S5 Ti-M total station. The S5 Ti-M was specifically designed as a powerful, yet cost-effective solution scalable for monitoring projects of any size, from short-term jobs to multi-year construction operations. The S5 Ti-M's performance and capability is ideal for the monitoring of buildings above tunnel construction and close to excavation sites. It is also well suited for monitoring the subsidence of road surfaces and embankments. The total station is built to withstand the rigors of the most challenging environments and the most extreme work conditions.

 The S5 Ti-M features Trimble's FineLock™ technology provides a pointing precision of less than 1 millimeter at a distance of 300 meters. FineLock is a smart tracker sensor with a narrow field of view that enables the Trimble S5 Ti-M to detect a target without interference from surrounding prisms—an important feature when operating in congested worksites where multiple optical devices may be running in close proximity to one another.   

The S5 Ti-M provides millimeter-level accuracy and 3D position information for buildings and other structures. When integrated with Trimble's 4D Control software, the S5 Ti-M is an even more powerful optical tool capable of handling the most complex monitoring applications. Trimble 4D Control software provides the data needed to assess the speed, direction and magnitude of movements, and effectively manages and analyzes the data to help make the most informed decisions about structural health and integrity. 

"Trimble continues to innovate with products and solutions that improve productivity for our customers across a variety of industries, and the S5 Ti-M total station is the latest example," said Shawn Hilliard, business area director for Trimble's Monitoring Solutions Business Area. "We developed a total station that meets the accuracy, performance and affordability parameters for monitoring projects that require an adaptable solution for virtually any work environment."

The Trimble S5 Ti-M total station is available now from Trimble's Monitoring Distribution Network.




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