Long-term lease of NSW Land & Property information an Australian first, delivers $2.6 bn for new infrastructure

20 April 2017

IPA: The long-term lease of the NSW land registry functions is an Australian first, delivering billions for new infrastructure – setting the scene for NSW to increase infrastructure funding in the June budget - says Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

“NSW is doing the most of any government on new transport, health and community infrastructure,
because it’s done the most work to find the money,” said Chief Executive Brendan Lyon.

“NSW has more tunnelling under way than any other city in the world right now, because NSW has leased assets to free up funds to pay for new projects.

“Without asset recycling, NSW would be like the resource states that have big visions, but no projects.

“Infrastructure visions without funding are more like hallucinations.

“Because of asset recycling, NSW is an infrastructure construction zone with projects all across the state.

“It’s been hard to understand the opposition to leasing the LPI, given that prices are set in the contract and that we need the $2.6 billion to keep turning infrastructure visions into reality.

“This further windfall should see NSW very well equipped to increase its record infrastructure investment levels even further in the June budget.”




Source:  Infrastructure Partnerships Australia - wwww.infrastructure.org.au

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