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10 April 2017

Beca: Sitting at the heart of Wynyard Quarter’s Innovation Precinct in Auckland, the Mason Bros. building, officially opened yesterday. The reconfigured heritage building offers an ultra-modern office space for commercial tenants.

Innovative thinking is a key philosophy behind the development – with Precinct Properties placing a strong emphasis on seeking out unique solutions to ensure the building is sustainable, highly efficient to run, and responsive to change.

For Mason Bros.’ facilities manager, a new asset management solution now has the ability to take operations and maintenance into the Internet of Things.

Delivered by our Digital Delivery team, the innovative solution has taken Building Information Modelling (BIM) to a whole new level.

Using the latest mobile and cloud-based technology – including Autodesk applications BIM 360 Glue and Field – critical information created during construction was captured and handed over for asset management and operations. Upon completion of the project, all of the 3D models, assets and their data and documentation were pushed to Autodesk Building Ops – a world first in this new method of delivery.

The Building Ops solution enables operational teams to digitally manage the full lifecycle of the building’s plant and equipment – with detailed, up-to-date information instantly available at their fingertips.

Alain McKinney, Precinct Properties’ Senior Development Manager says the solution is changing the game for asset management and operations. “Many people talk about the benefits that BIM can deliver to a project in design and construction. Fewer are actually able to demonstrate the benefits that BIM can bring to the asset management and operations stages, where the most value can be delivered – and Beca have been able to deliver something tangible.”

Leveraging the new technology and process has helped Precinct Properties streamline their ongoing asset and operational management activities with greater efficiency, transparency and accuracy. It’s delivered a number of benefits to the building’s operational team, project managers, and building tenants.

The methodology takes a tedious, paper-based process into the digital space – making asset information easy to record, update and share with the multiple parties that require it.

With all the information created in one place, it has provided greater transparency and more efficient digital reporting on asset data completeness. This enabled the project team to better manage progress during construction and determine whether deliverables will be achieved.

For operational managers, it gives a greater level of accuracy in asset life-cycling, maintenance planning and capital expenditure planning.

It also enables Precinct Properties to deliver an unparalleled level of service to their tenants. With the ability to scan and raise tickets for servicing and repairs, operational teams receive an instant notification on their phone, so they can respond quickly to any issues that arise.

Brook Potter, Senior Business Manager, Autodesk says these smart, innovative solutions are helping move the construction industry forward.

“The construction industry is transitioning from a technological laggard to an industry under disruption and Beca and Precinct Properties are embracing this shift” he says.

“Leveraging BIM across the project lifecycle with Autodesk tools helped them achieve better project outcomes with connected teams in the cloud, reduced project risk, improved worker safety, and ultimately, a smoother handover process so that operations can begin on day one.”

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