Fixing water and sewerage will create 1,000 jobs

24 March 2017

Tasmanian Government: Not only will the Hodgman Government’s Plan to takeover TasWater speed up investment in our failing water and sewerage infrastructure, it will deliver a massive boost to the economy.

Bringing forward this significant investment in infrastructure will be a huge shot in the arm for the Tasmanian economy, creating around 1,000 new jobs for Tasmanians over five years.

The long-term benefits are just as profound, because fixing water and sewerage will protect our brand and help industries like tourism and agriculture grow and expand.

The construction industry has long called for a steady pipeline of projects and this will deliver exactly that.  Bringing forward these projects will create opportunities for the construction and engineering sectors across the State.

We’re acting in the best interests of Tasmanians and our plan will ensure Tasmanians get better water and sewerage services faster, with lower prices and with no increase in rates. 

So far, our Plan has the support of the TICT, the TCCI, the Property Council, Master Builders Association, developers, businesses, a number of mayors and, I believe, the Tasmanian community, who are sick and tired of third world water and sewerage infrastructure in Tasmania.

The only people who seem opposed to our Plan to fix infrastructure, create jobs and cut the cost of water and sewerage bills are Labor and a few people with vested interests. 

Labor’s disastrous policy won't fix the immediate problems, and will privatise water and sewerage assets with price rises of up to 18 per cent. 

The fact that Labor have completely misread the mood of the community is in stark contrast to Rebecca White’s claims that she is intent on listening and once again highlights how inexperienced and out of touch she is.




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