Major projects secure existing jobs and generate new ones

24 March 2017

Queensland Government: Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Palaszczuk Government’s massive infrastructure program continues to secure existing jobs and generate new ones.

 “We’re serious about job creation in Queensland and we’re spending more than $40 billion on public infrastructure over the next four years, including a $10.7 billion capital program for 2016-17, which will support 31,000 jobs,” Mr Pitt said. 

“Latest State Budget projections including mid-year updates show Queensland in 2019-20 will spend approximately $1,177 per person on infrastructure in the general government sector. 

“That’s more per capita than every other state — $170 per capita more than NSW and almost double Western Australia.” 

Mr Pitt said some of the major infrastructure initiatives supported by the state government that were generating jobs included: 

“Also just today the government has announced its $200 million Advancing Queensland Schools program to deliver 98 school infrastructure projects with priority given to the construction and improvement of school halls,” Mr Pitt said. 

“In addition we are seeing strong private sector confidence in the future of our state. 

“Shell Australia has announced that its QGC joint venture will invest in Queensland with Project Ruby to expand its operations in the Surat Basin. 

“Project Ruby will underpin 350 new and existing jobs in regional Queensland during the 16-month construction phase. 

“The government is also backing large and regionally significantly projects with economic benefits across the State including the $21.7 billion Carmichael Mine and associated rail and port project with the potential to generate up to 10,000 jobs. 

“Our State Infrastructure Fund also has commitments of $1.35 billion, including $850 million towards the Cross River Rail project; $300 million for Priority Economic Works and Productivity Program; and $180 million for Significant Regional Infrastructure Projects Program. 

“Queensland is moving forward as shown in the latest Deloitte Access Economics Investment Monitor identifying $152.2 billion worth of known projects in Queensland in the December quarter 2016. 

“This ranks use higher than New South Wales with $132.2 billion in projects and $68.2 billion in Victoria. 

“All of these initiatives show the Palaszczuk Government is getting on with the job of creating jobs and growing our economy.” 

Mr Pitt said by contrast Tim Nicholls had always wanted to sell our income-generating state assets because he has always been too lazy to do the hard work that this government has done. 

“More than two years after the election the LNP under Tim Nicholls still has no economic plan, just a plan they won’t reveal,” he said. 

“It’s the same plan Tim Nicholls had in office — asset sales, job cuts, and service cuts.

“We know — because Campbell Newman has told everyone — that Tim Nicholls was the biggest advocate of asset sales in the LNP government. 

“Tim Nicholls always wanted to sell off all our assets despite the fact it would cost the jobs of many of those working in government enterprises such as our ports and power bodies,” Mr Pitt said. 




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