Route Protection for Mass Transit Corridor to Auckland Airport to begin

31 March 2017

Transport Minister Simon Bridges has today welcomed a significant decision for Auckland’s future mass transit corridor between Auckland city and the airport.

“Route protection will now begin to provide a mass transit corridor between the airport and Auckland city,” Mr Bridges says.

“This is a significant step for Auckland and will secure better transport options for both Aucklanders and visitors to the city.”

The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport worked together to develop a joint solution that will progress from bus services to a light rail transit solution.

The study found an advanced bus option could provide a credible solution over the next 30 years that could progress from the current bus-based system to a long term solution.

The study also demonstrated the advanced bus option has the potential to deliver on forecast demand depending on the rate of growth of the city.

“By drawing on international expertise, they have identified a range of opportunities for bus travel through a separated corridor, using innovative technology and customer-focused solutions,” Mr Bridges says.

“In the medium to long term, this will make it possible for a staged, integrated transition to light rail along the preferred ‘Airport to City’ route based on future demand and capacity.”

“This work follows the Auckland Transport Alignment Project that identified the future pressure on mass transit corridors and the need for route protection to ensure future economic growth and productivity,” Mr Bridges says.

Work on route protection will be progressed with urgency to future-proof options for both advanced bus and light rail.




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