NSW needs procurement reforms enacted quickly

06 March 2017

Consult Australia: Industry has welcomed the report tabled today from the Inquiry into the Procurement of Government Infrastructure Projects by Alister Henskens SC MP, as chair of the NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Transport and Infrastructure.

Consult Australia State Manager for New South Wales, Matthew Trigg, says there has been enough delay and the government must move quickly to adopt the recommendations.

“There is a significant role for Government to play in setting the type of relationship that businesses have with public sector clients and with each other.”

“The ability of a Government to act as a ‘model client’ or not is a key determinant of the efficacy of procuring government infrastructure.”

“Failing to act as a model client in its procurement practices is doing a major disservice to the public.”

“It wastes time and money by continuing systemic issues associated with poor risk management and inefficient contracting.”

“This burdens industry and results in a less productive and competitive business environment.”

Consult Australia strongly supports the recommendations to:




Source:  Consult Australia - www.consultaustralia.com.au

Contact:  Consult Australia’s State Manager for New South Wales, Matthew Trigg on 02 8252 6708

External Links:  Procurement of Government Infrastructure Projects report: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au...Government%20Infrastructure%20Projects.pdf

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