Jacobs Unveils Connected Enterprise Framework to Enable Digital Transformation

08 February 2017

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE:JEC) today unveiled its Connected Enterprise, a suite of integrated capabilities and solutions to enable digital transformation. Jacobs Connected Enterprise (JCE) provides clients the capability to connect, protect and analyze operational systems and data. JCE spans several core functional categories, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), information technology (IT) and network infrastructure, cloud solutions, data analytics and cyber security. In addition, Jacobs announces an investment in a new software platform (ION) and associated intellectual property assets obtained from Apprion, Inc. ION, a key component offering within JCE, enhances Jacobs’ ability to deliver, extend and manage the Industrial Internet of Things.

As digital transformation increases, more industrial systems are now connected and traditional boundaries between operational technology (OT) systems and IT systems are disappearing. Machines can interpret, learn, automate and communicate. This means that cars, factories, farms, ports, roads and even entire cities are being connected, fundamentally changing how things, people and systems interact. This evolutionary advancement drives the need for businesses to adapt and evolve to keep pace with the technology-driven changes of today and tomorrow.

“Digitization and connectivity are changing the way businesses operate and the capabilities they need to be successful,” said Jacobs Senior Vice President Aerospace and Technology Darren Kraabel. “JCE leverages Jacobs’ deep domain knowledge to help our clients better manage the challenges involved in true digital transformation, including the expansion of the Internet of Things, OT/IT integration and data analytics. For example, machines, buildings and roads can now be digitally enabled to collect and seamlessly exchange data through wireless networks and cloud infrastructure. Harnessing and understanding this data is a big part of the digitization value proposition and provides an excellent opportunity to enhance performance.”

ION Software Investment

ION will enhance Jacobs’ ability to deliver, extend, and manage Industrial Internet of Things solutions with an open, intelligent, industrial application platform. ION represents the next step in digital transformation of complex business operations, facilities and systems for Jacobs and our clients. ION will enable Jacobs to combine domain specific functional expertise with Industrial Internet of Things solutions to drive transformational performance for our customers.

“The ION purchase complements other investments we have made over the past few years, including our cloud-based technology solutions; our enhanced capability to integrate OT and IT systems and environments to enable advanced data analytics; and leading-edge cybersecurity solutions to protect critical infrastructure – all of which are offered through JCE. Our objective is to help our clients assure system and data integrity, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and profitability, improve safety and enhance business’ agility,” said Kraabel.

“Over the last decade, Apprion has brought to market a wealth of Industrial Internet of Things technology, applications and services,” said Apprion founder and former CEO Doug Donzelli. “The integration of ION into Jacobs will offer current ION clients the benefit of Jacobs’ extensive industry expertise and knowledge.”




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