Demolition of the world’s largest IMAX - roof lift


01 February 2017

Coffey: A team consisting of Delta Group, Grocon, Northrop and Coffey gathered in Darling Harbour, NSW before first light on Saturday morning (14/01/2017) to begin work on demolishing the world’s largest IMAX screen.

Our structural engineers had developed the lifting design and drawings required to safely lift this 20 tonne roof off its perch. It took nine lift points, four lifting beams and 14 lower slings down to the supporting struts, which were designed to fold up as the roof landed.

The Coffey team managed to estimate the total mass, including rigging, to within 100 kilograms of the measured mass – that’s no small feat.

Coffey is the engineer for the entire demolition. The remainder of the building is now being demolished bit by bit to make room for Grocon’s Ribbon project.




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