3D Data Processing for Efficient Asset Management


28 February 2017

Advisian: The WorleyParsons Group has entered a memorandum of understanding with Pointerra Limited to provide the 3D data management and visualization elements of WorleyParsons’ and Advisian’s asset management solutions for a range of applications in the hydrocarbons, infrastructure, minerals and metals and chemicals sectors.   

The application of this technology can provide potential ‘step-change’ productivity enhancements, such as developing 3D models of assets rapidly, replacing slow and costly manual process using multiple systems.  The combined team are already progressing some project opportunities across our operations in North America, Middle East and Europe.   

Bradley Andrews, President – (Advisian) Digital Enterprise said “We take pride in working with clients to realize the future of advanced industries in which data and digital transformation brings efficiency, energy, resilience and new paradigms.  We’re excited to be partnering with Pointerra and to be able to offer their 3D point cloud solution to our clients.”  

Ian Olson, CEO Pointerra said “The challenge with massive 3D geospatial datasets is putting them in a format that can be quickly and easily processed, managed, used and shared.  Pointerra’s solution handles enormous 3D datasets of hundreds of gigabytes, even terabytes in size, containing many hundreds of billions of 3D points.”  

The 3D data is compressed without any loss in resolution, indexed for easy access and delivered to any device, anywhere in the world, at any time through a simple web browser interface. Pointerra’s subscription based service for the owners of 3D data is a world-first and comes at a time when managing this valuable data is becoming increasingly important to the construction, engineering and resources sector.   

Olson continued “Pointerra’s ease of use in accessing massive 3D point cloud datasets is akin to comparing your father’s vinyl record collection with the world of digital music databases."  

For more information about Pointerra, please visit their website: www.pointerra.com




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