Independent report finds Canberra is ‘renewable capital of Australia’

16 February 2017

ACT Government: Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Simon Corbell has welcomed a report from the Climate Council which labels the ACT as a trailblazer in renewable energy that is punching above its weight.

Mr Corbell said the Territory trailblazer: How the ACT became the renewable capital of Australia report released today names the ACT as a role model for other Australian states and cities.

“We have provided a practical example that renewable energy targets can be both ambitious and achievable - we are on track to meet our 100% renewable electricity target by 2020,” Mr Corbell said.

“The report states ACT households pay the lowest electricity prices in the nation and projected to remain low when we reach 100% renewable electricity.

“The report particularly praised the reverse auction process we have successfully used to deliver renewable energy commitments at the least cost to consumers while also providing additional economic, innovation and social benefits.

“The report also found our support for the renewable energy sector was critical during extended federal uncertainty, boosting jobs when thousands were being lost nationally.”

The report said ACT’s policy created more than 1000 jobs in construction across the ACT, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales when more than 5000 jobs were lost nationally between 2012-2015.

The Climate Council also found the ACT is leading the country in battery storage by supporting the installation of 36MW of energy storage across more than 5000 households and businesses by 2020.

“Canberrans should be proud to be leading the country – and in many cases, the world – in such critical initiatives to tackle climate change,” Mr Corbell said.

“Already we are seeing other jurisdictions talking to us about what we are doing, particularly around our reverse auction process which, as well as delivering low electricity prices has delivered flow-on economic benefits totalling over $500 million.

“These benefits range from funding for the first hydrogen fuelled car fleet through to setting up the Renewable Energy Innovation Fund for trades training, research partnerships and technology demonstration, as well as the establishment of an energy innovation precinct.

“We are establishing an international reputation for our sustainable energy policy. The ACT is attracting international business investment and creating exciting new collaboration opportunities for local start-ups and entrepreneurs.”

Mr Corbell said encouraged other Australian states and cities to set strong targets to address climate change.

“Our 100% renewable energy target by 2020 compares to the next closest, South Australia, which is aiming for 50% by 2025 and Queensland’s goal of 50% by 2025,” Mr Corbell said.

“The Climate Council’s report highlights the important leadership role we have played and demonstrates what is possible for other jurisdictions. It is pleasing to see the recent renewable energy announcements made by Victoria and I encourage other jurisdictions to take action as well.”




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