Sydney Metro Northwest underway

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26 August 2016

HASSELL: Sydney Metro Northwest, Stage 1 of Sydney Metro, is well underway. Principal, Ross de le Motte, is leading the HASSELL team designing eight new stations, as well as upgrades to five existing stations along the line.

"Over the years I've heard projects like these described as 'heavy engineering projects' but it is actually so much more than that. This is transport product for the everyday person, to improve their lives," says Ross.

"We developed an idea of skylights and, by doing that the station picks up the ambience of that day. The prismatic forms we have in those skylights are bouncing light to different parts of the station at different times of the day, so there's this ephemeral quality of daylight animating the public realm under the station, which I think is going to be phenomenal."

HASSELL is providing all architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design services for the Northwest Rapid Transit consortium, which comprises CPB Contractors, John Holland Group, MTR, UGL Rail Services, Plenary Group and Alstom.

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