Dennis Conquers Waterview

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15 June 2016

He came, he saw and after two and a half years, Dennis the gantry has conquered Waterview.

In late May, the 90 metre long, 140 tonne bright yellow gantry completed constructing the Great North Road Interchange.

The last of 277 super t concrete beams (weighing up to 70 tonnes) was lowered into position at the western tip of ramp two (northbound tunnel to SH16 westbound).

"Dennis finished as it began a faultless and precise performance combining engineering muscle and innovation to construct the interchange," says the Transport Agency's Project Delivery Manager Mieszko Iwaskow.

Sliding backwards and forwards on rollers to fetch and lift the enormous beams which were up to 36 metres long, Dennis would then place them between columns which support the interchange.

Dennis worked at night to allow our team to avoid larger traffic volumes, thus reducing any necessary safety closures of the motorway meaning less disruption to drivers. During the day big Dennis rested above the live motorway below.

"The team working with Dennis has worked really hard in some pretty extreme weather conditions to deliver a quality programme of work safely well done!" says Mieszko.

Specially designed and built in Italy for the Waterview project, the gantry was named Dennis to honour one of our valued Well-Connected Alliance (WCA) team members who passed away from cancer.

Shortly after completing the interchange, work began to deconstruct Dennis, which has been brought from the WCA.

The Great North Road Interchange consists of four ramps that total 1.7kms in length to connect the Northwestern (SH16) and Southwestern (SH20) motorways and sit immediately adjacent of the tunnels.

By connecting up the southwestern and northwestern motorways, the Waterview Connection will create a direct motorway link between the central business district and the Auckland International Airport.





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