The Australian Infrastructure Plan and Priority List

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18 February 2016

Infrastructure Australia: The release of Australia's first 15-year Infrastructure Plan and a reinvigorated Infrastructure Priority List marks the culmination of 18 months work by Infrastructure Australia.

We've taken the challenges identified in the Australian Infrastructure Audit, and the Northern Australian Infrastructure Audit, and worked with governments, industry experts and the public to identify how Australia can best address these challenges.

The Australian Infrastructure Plan is a call to action, setting out the priorities and reforms that are needed to solve our infrastructure challenges.

It is the first of its kind in Australia, delivering a roadmap to more affordable, innovative and competitive infrastructure.

Infrastructure Australia is calling on Governments, business and the community to work together and turn the plan into well-led, carefully articulated action.

While this is a complex reform document, it is also focused on the everyday user—the commuter waiting for a train, the family paying their electricity bill and the business looking to capitalise on overseas markets.

The Plan provides clear advice to governments, setting out 78 recommendations for reform that are designed to solve the problems of today and tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Key themes in the Plan include:

Alongside the plan is a reinvigorated Infrastructure Priority List (IPL),

The IPL identifies over 90 potential infrastructure solutions.

The Priority List will be updated regularly throughout the year while the Plan will be updated at least every five years.

The Australian Infrastructure Plan:





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