Infrastructure Australia reforms could be "game changers" for Australian transport

Source: Aurizon - 

18 February 2016

Aurizon: Proposed transport policy reforms outlined in Infrastructure Australia’s 15-Year Infrastructure Plan could be “game-changers” for the efficiency of the nation’s freight transport sector, according to Australia’s largest rail-based transport company Aurizon.

Priorities in the plan include the protection of key freight corridors and road freight reform to drive better supply chain efficiency.

Aurizon has long advocated for the user-pay road infrastructure charges for heavy vehicles that would increase funding streams for the nation’s critical freight infrastructure corridors, and underpin productivity improvements and more competitive transport freight markets.

“Many of these reforms are long overdue and have potential to be game changers in the Australian transport sector,” Aurizon Managing Director & CEO Lance Hockridge said.

“We can unlock significant productivity upside and deliver benefits to consumers and Australian producers through more competitive freight pricing, lower transit times and improved customer service.

“Research released by the Australian Logistics Council shows that just a 1% percent improvement in our supply chains would boost national GDP by $2 billion.

“The task now is for governments, policy makers and the transport industry to work collaboratively on a sensible and timely implementation plan for key reforms. This is especially important when the Australia economy is facing multiple challenges.”

Key aspects of the report that Aurizon supports include:

Infrastructure Australia’s 15-Year Infrastructure Plan:





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