Aurecon appoints Maureen Thurston as its Global Design to Innovate Director

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17 February 2016

Global CEO of engineering and consulting firm Aurecon, Giam Swiegers announced today the appointment of the Chair of Good Design Australia Maureen Thurston as its Global Design to Innovate Director.

“With the pace of disruption increasingly challenging businesses, it is essential that companies ready themselves to thrive in a future that is as yet unwritten,” said Giam.

As with all races, the winners will be those with the foresight to anticipate the full spectrum of changes disruptive technology may bring about; and see this disruption as a chance to innovate. For Aurecon, that means finding new ways to transform our clients’ businesses and help them become more competitive through innovation.”

He adds that “Innovation is grounded on deep technical expertise, but it’s not enough to invest in being ‘smart’ – we need to foster creativity, challenge the ‘status quo’, explore and experiment to envision what’s possible. We will achieve this by creating a culture of ‘design thinkers’ at Aurecon.”

Giam adds “We are privileged to welcome Maureen Thurston, who is recognised globally as a leading design thinking expert, to Aurecon. Through embedding design into the DNA of our people, her role will be pivotal in creating a ‘future ready’ Aurecon.

Maureen Thurston joins Aurecon from Deloitte where she implemented design practices to help transform the Australian accounting firm from a traditional professional services organisation to a bold innovator. Chair of Design Australia and an Adjunct Professor at UTS, Maureen is an industrial designer, educator, entrepreneur and author, Maureen has over 30 years of experience capturing the aggregate value of design.

Maureen adds “I am excited to be working with enlightened executives at Aurecon, who  believe, as I do, that design fuels innovation and growth. Giam has given me a mandate to liberate creativity and cultivate change throughout Aurecon, I’m leveraging design thinking as a capability to capture and convey new value. “The character of our thinking is our competitive currency.”

Maureen’s appointment as Global Design Thinking Director accompanies several other significant appointments – including Andrew Muller as Chief Financial Officer, Michael Shirley as Managing Director, Clients and Dr Andrew Maher as Chief Digital Officer.

Together, these appointments are key to Aurecon’s strategy to strengthen its operational excellence, client relationships and competitiveness in the global marketplace.





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