Walker Corporation launches design competition for Sydney’s tallest residential Tower as key component of the $2 billion Parramatta Square

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29 January 2016

Walker Corporation today launched the design competition amongst four major architectural firms for the design of its planned 90 storey Aspire Tower in Parramatta, Sydney, following submissions received from over 10 national and international design studios.

The tower will have an end value in excess of $500 million and will be the largest residential tower to be built in the state’s history.

The competition, to be concluded on February 22, 2016, is running as demolition and construction works on the $2 billion re-development of Parramatta Square are now well underway.

It is expected that development approvals for the Aspire Tower will be lodged by June 2016. The Development Application (DA) for the Aspire Residential Tower will incorporate a Stage one 70 storey tower and following successful discussions with the Federal Civil Aviation Safety Authority, a second stage Development Application will be lodged for 90 storeys.

Further approvals will be lodged by Walker Corporation for two A-Grade neighbouring commercial towers, designed by award winning architects Johnson Pilton Walker.

The four architectural firms selected to participate in the competition are Bates Smart; Fender Katsalidis; DBI Design and PTW Architects.

Chairman of Walker Corporation, Mr Lang Walker said “We have chosen a selection of Australia’s most prestigious architectural firms to compete for what will be the key component in one of the country’s largest urban renewal projects, which will see Parramatta rival Sydney’s CBD in terms of amenity and high quality residential and commercial space.

“All of the firms have a strong track record in designing iconic and significant residential towers and we are confident they will all meet the challenge in this very exciting project”.

Lord Mayor of Parramatta Councillor Paul Garrard, said “if approved, the Aspire Tower will be a key component of what will become a world-class CBD and a compelling drawcard for families to enjoy the many attractions of Parramatta. “The three hectare Parramatta Square precinct will feature amenities where people live, work and play, creating a whole new atmosphere for the city”, he added.

The mixed-use development by Walker will accommodate two commercial buildings – incorporating retail and a range of café and restaurants – as well as the Aspire Tower.

The precinct will also feature the 26,000 square metres Western Sydney University Campus housing more than 10,000 university students, as well as community facilities, a civic building, community centre, library and a 250 metre long public domain in the heart of the city – critical to the activation of the project.

Walker Corporation is in advanced discussions with a number of large scale, multinational tenants for the first stage of the commercial buildings. Demand for high quality CBD space in Parramatta remains exceptionally high off the back of the lowest commercial vacancy rate in all of Australia’s major CBD markets. Potential tenants include both current Parramatta occupiers but also a number of major Sydney CBD firms looking at consolidating multiple office locations into a prime Parramatta CBD hub.

The entire precinct will be built to a minimum 5 Green Star rating in accordance with the standards for environmentally sustainable development, set by the Green Building Council Australia and will provide best practice benchmarks with third-party verification for sustainability and liveability at the precinct level.





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