SMEC Awarded Sydney Trainsí Major Works Central Hub

Source: SMEC -

29 January 2016

SMEC has been engaged by Sydney Trains as Client Engineer for a new Major Works Central Hub facility in Clyde, New South Wales. This Central Hub will comprise a five-storey office building and a two-storey amenities building (with a total floor area of 13,400 m2 ).

This Major Works Central Hub forms part of Sydney Trainsí ongoing Major Works Reform Strategy. The objective of this reform is to deliver organisational facilities, structures, systems and processes that: drive ongoing improvements to safety, reliability and efficiency; introduce best practice processes; and accommodate the restructuring of the Sydney Trains Major Works Divisionís operating model.

SMECís services will include: technical review of tender submissions; start-up, liaison and technical meetings; design review of all design works packages; monthly inspections and progress meetings; site attendance at Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) points; review and response to Requests for Information (RFI); commissioning of works; and review of operation and maintenance plans.



Geraldine Quinlan - General Manager Corporate Services, SMEC

T: +61 3 9514 1500    


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