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06 July 2015

A significant milestone to achieving safer roads and communities in Perth's southern suburbs has been met following conditional environmental approval of the Roe Highway Extension (Roe 8) by the Minister for Environment today.

Acting Transport Minister Bill Marmion welcomed the determination saying the environmental stewardship and sustainable development measures planned for Roe 8 reflected international best practice.

"The State Government recognises the environmental sensitivities associated with this location and will use innovative planning, design and construction measures when building this road," Mr Marmion said.

The design was informed in-part by extensive community feedback provided during an award-winning public participation process on the project between 2009 and 2011.

Following the Environmental Protection Authority's (EPA's) recommendation in September 2013 that the project could be managed to meet its environmental objectives, 165 appeals were lodged objecting to the EPA's findings.

In assessing the matters raised in the appeals, the Environment Minister was satisfied the EPA had adequately considered the key environmental factors.  However, he allowed seven of the 11 appeal grounds by strengthening conditions and adding new conditions.

The Acting Transport Minister acknowledged the extensive consultation undertaken by the Minister for Environment in making his determination.

Mr Marmion said the EPA had commended Main Roads for its approach to the project, saying 'from the outset the proponent has recognised the regionally significant environmental values of the area and has sought to apply innovative planning and design measures, and construction techniques. This has set a new standard for major road projects in this type of sensitive environment'.

These measures include:

"This project is a strategic link in Perth's road network.  The completion of Roe 8 is critical to fix major road safety issues.  Tens of thousands of people using Leach Highway are being exposed to unnecessary risk because this roadway was never designed to carry such a volume of trucks and cars. 

"Accident figures show the risk is unacceptable and completing Roe 8 is the safest option for our families.  It will also deliver great benefits for the WA economy at a critical time," the Acting Minister said.

"Roe 8 can be delivered while minimising harm to the environment using world-leading design.

It will provide safer driving for those living in Perth's southern suburbs and it will integrate with the existing road network to support our State's economic growth now and in the future."

Now State environmental approvals have been finalised, the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment will consider the proposal.

If all approvals are granted, construction is expected to start in early 2016.

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