CEO states closing the gender wage gap starts with the construction industry

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27 June 2015

The construction industry remains one of the most male dominated industries in Australia and the world, with the participation of women in the sector at just 16%*¹. Laurice Temple, CEO of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is striving to change that by bringing together leaders and professionals, at the association’s National Conference in October.

With a target set by the G20, to close the gender pay gap by 25% by 2025, the construction industry’s contribution is vital to meet this goal. Women currently only hold 3% of CEO-level positions in the construction industry and the pay gap can be up to an alarming  28.9%.*²

Ms Temple says NAWIC’s National Conference is paving the way for change and will have an increase on the bottom line. Her goal of encouraging women into the construction industry also comes at a time where the G20 has strengthened its position on closing the gap even further, by formally establishing W20, or Women20, a new initiative to promote gender inclusive growth.

She comments: “In October, at our National Conference, we’ll be bringing together industry professionals and leaders to discuss and promote the ways we can reduce the gender wage gap, increase participation of women and provide tools that are needed to do this.

“This isn’t a women only initiative. It’s about inclusiveness and equality across the entire industry, regardless of gender, age or background.

“We’re hoping to champion change, but this doesn’t just start by encouraging women into the construction industry, it begins with establishing the industry as a great career choice. Women and men already working in construction need to be our advocates, to inspire and attract new talent.“

“Although, it’s still important that we make it known from a young age that the construction industry is not just a ‘man’s job’ and this includes nurturing young women who show an interest in male dominated subjects, such as physics and math. Then, and if, they’ve chosen the industry, we provide on-going support through associations like NAWIC to empower them in their future careers.”

The NAWIC National Conference 2015 takes place on Thursday 8 & Friday 9 October 2015 at Pullman Hotel, Albert Park Melbourne. For more information visit

*² The Work Place Gender Equality Agency (WGEA),



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