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04 May 2015

The opportunity to construct an airport for a major city from the ground up is rare.

But Western Sydney will soon see development on a massive scale as the existing Kingsford Smith Airport nears capacity and plans for a second full-service international airport get underway.

The Western Sydney airport development at Badgerys Creek will include new road and rail infrastructure and create around 4,000 jobs for Sydneysiders during its construction phase.

The New South Wales Business Chamber hosted the Preparing for Take-off Conference in Sydney, inviting industry experts and academics to share their insights on development of the new airport.

Christopher Choa - Urban Development Practice Lead for AECOM’s London office - was a key speaker at the conference,  and  shared his insights on the growth of global cities,  the contribution of airports to that growth, and how Sydney might enhance its status as a global city.

In an interview with Sydney’s Radio 2UE this week, he was asked where one might start when faced with such a large project.

“The question is not what is the airport going to do, but what is the airport and the region going to do together?“ he said.  “Airports are tremendous catalysts for economic development in our cities. The question is – how can these two things work together?”

Mr Choa stressed the importance of getting the infrastructure right from the beginning, saying the infrastructure connecting the airport must work well, or the airport won’t work.  “The transport links are critical.  Transport is destiny and you have to get it right,” he said.

“Asia is growing, and if we are connecting to growing countries such as Asia, we need to accommodate them as best we can, or risk a net loss. For Sydney to make its mark as a Global city, it needs to be able to compete with other cities thousands of miles away.  And the airport is how we do that,” he said.

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