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03 March 2015

Environment Minister Gary Higgins has outlined the government’s immediate priorities in his portfolio with measures to consult with and engage the community and industry on environmental issues.

Minister Higgins said a priority is to see the implementation of a Stormwater Strategy for the Darwin Harbour region.

“Of course we recognise consultation is critical to the strategy’s implementation plan and the NT Environment Protection Authority will be seeking every opportunity to engage with Territorians on the draft strategy,” he said.

The Minister said draft guidelines designed to help business and industry navigate environmental requirements are also being prepared by the EPA.

“The draft guidelines are part of the Government’s priorities to make it easier for Territorians to work, live and play in the Northern Territory,” Mr Higgins said.

“The draft Guideline for the preparation of an Environmental Management Plan will guide project proponents with advice on what may be required in an EMP.

“The draft Guideline for Pollution Avoidance on Commercial and Industrial Building Sites will be a ready reckoner on what builders need to do to minimise their impact on the environment.”

The Minister said action was also underway in Sport and Recreation and Arts and Museums.

“We are developing an Arts and Culture Policy in consultation with the sector to more fully engage with and build capacity in the NT sector,” Mr Higgins said.

“We are also making it a priority to increase the number of international and national level sporting events.

“We have priorities and we are delivering. This government is getting on with the job.”



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