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03 March 2015

Festival-goers enjoy a smooth ride thanks to our Transport Planning team.

White Night is an annual all-night cultural festival held in Melbourne’s city centre  offering a vibrant mix of entertainment, visual art, music, design and light shows.

White Night’s popularity also makes it a logistical and operational challenge. All-night tram services and widespread street closures mean extensive changes to normal operations for Yarra Trams, one of Melbourne’s key public transport operators.

The 2015 event coincided with World Cup cricket matches and a major music festival, making resource planning critical.

Yarra Trams engaged AECOM to assist with demand projections and operational planning for White Night 2015. Successful delivery was particularly important. 

Our team analysed previous years’ patronage information to develop an hour-by-hour demand analysis at the level of tram routes and individual platform stops.

The forecast was used to shape service levels offered by matching capacity to expected demand. The analysis informed stakeholders about key times and locations where pedestrian crowding was a potential issue.

Yarra Trams CEO Clément Michel was pleased with the outcome, saying: “better long term planning and crowd management forecasts allowed us to deliver the right capacity at the right times, negating last year’s overcrowding and excessive passenger waiting time.”

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) also commended Yarra Trams on its  “excellent performance and preparation” for White Night 2015, and the success of this year’s event means it is now considered a benchmark for future performance.



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