NSW Ports BLB2 Officially Opened

Source: John Holland - www.johnholland.com.au 

25 February 2014

The NSW Minister for Roads and Ports, The Hon Duncan Gay, has officially opened the second Bulk Liquids Berth in Port Botany, constructed by John Holland.

The original Bulk Liquids Berth (BLB1) has been in operations at Port Botany since 1979. This berth has been occupied on average between 50-60% of the time for the past ten years and more recently has experienced average berth occupancy levels in excess of 80%. The main products handled at the BLB are refined fuels, gases and chemicals.

The BLB2 project comprised construction of a steel-piled pier berth adjacent to the existing BLB1, associated infrastructure such as fire-fighting equipment, onshore support facilities, loading arms and pipelines from existing user sites to the new berth.

The open access, multi user berth will operate on a 24/7 basis. BLB2 has been designed to accommodate 120,000 dead weight tonne vessels to a maximum of 270m length overall.





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