Hexham Conveyor Ready to Roll

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21 January 2014

For Hunter motorists wondering what the new structure straddling the rail corridor at Hexhamis, it is a 94 metrelong, 10 metre high conveyor belt to help with the construction of ARTCís Hexham Relief Roads project, just north of Newcastle.

The conveyor belt is going to be used as a secondary method of supplying material to the work site for the construction of the main site access road and the foundation for the new relief railway tracks.

The benefit of the conveyor is it will reduce the total number of truck movements through Woodlands Close during the construction of the access road and Tarro interchange (off Anderson Drive) once the access road is constructed.

Despite its size, the lift to install the section of conveyor over the existing rail tracks was completed in just 35 minutes on Sunday night thanks to some meticulous planning and onsite coordination.

A 450 tonne crane and a 250 tonne crane also helped with the heavy lifting.

Nearly three stories high and spanning the existing four Main North rail tracks (a 46m span), the sizeable piece of infrastructure will be able to move up to 100 tonnes of materials per hour when in full production.


The Hexham Relief Roads project is designed to ease rail congestion at a key pinch point in the supply chain, being the entrance to the coal loading facilities at Newcastle Port.

It involves the construction of five new railway tracks allowing trains to be temporarily diverted off the main line while trains wait to enter the unloading facilities at Newcastle Port. The five tracks will each be approximately two kilometres in length and be able to accommodate two or three locomotives and up to 90 wagons on each length of track.

This new facility will provide network control at Broadmeadow increased flexibility to manage train movements in the event of coal chain breakdowns or delays, reducing wait times and increasing reliability.

The $163 million project is being delivered by the Upper Hunter Valley Alliance (UHVA) on behalf of ARTC and project construction is scheduled to take 15 months.



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